Tactic play against 3-1-3-1-2

Today we will see what is the best tactic against the opponent you see on the right side playing in 3-1-3-1-2.

The advantage of this positioning is that the center is really close and so it´s really hard to create chances. (red area)

So the best is coming over the wings and to avoid dangerous passes you have to play with a DCR or WBR and  a DCL or WBL  with an offensive AMR and AML. So you are playing round the center like the blue lines showing.

Why is it very effective? because the MC´s and also the DC´s have a long way to attack the wings. Sometimes they are late and they lost more energy than keeping the position. Have a look at the green lines.

When the defenders are on the way to th wings there is more space in the middle. So you let the FC and AMC or a second FC take Position between the two defenders. Ideal using the red lines between the defenders as below.

To support the AMR and the AML more in the  offense you can push up the DR and DL with the move in front. So they double the wings and create more chances.