ATTENTION – Hacking and Cheating at Perfect Soccer

Normally I was intend to bring up tips to improve your team in Perfect Soccer. Unfortunately there is a really serious problem. The game was hacked and so I informed simface, because many honest and fair playing players are betrayed.

The cheating is obviously. People are generating funds which are very important to buy players, develop players and for developing the stadium and the stadium periphery.

There are players in level 1 or 2, started some weeks ago, and have a budget from 100 of Millions funds and/or a team value up to 1,5 billions or more.

I am playing since 1 year, in the highest league level 10, and it is not possible to generate so much funds in game. Either by selling and buying players (because there is a fee of 30%) nor by ticket sales or other rewards you can catch in game.

The only way to by funds in game is against coins, these coins can be bought by real money in the ingame shop. 6.480 coins + 1000 chips (1 chip can be changed to 1 coin) for 124,99 CAN $ so you got 7.480 coins. To transfer these coins in funds there is a special offer 300 coins you get 300,000 funds. This offer is available every hour for round about 15 minutes. So for example to get 1,000,000,000 by using the offer every hour, and without sleep you need 3.300 hours divided to 24 hours/day you need 138,8 days. 

You can also transfer the funds every time by another offer. These offer contains for  300 coins you get 120,000 funds so for 1,000,000,000 you need 2,500,000 coins.

2,500,000 coins divided with the offer from 7.480 and multiplicate with the price from 124,99 CAN $ that will cost you 41.774 CAN $. And there are people in game with 3 times more.  What does it mean, the game is not save and so a reporting is also on the way to the hosting platforms to inform about this security leak. And at the end this is money missing by the developer to improve the game. If you have to play against teams like this you have an disadvantage at least from 41.774 CAN $ minimum. Make screenshots, collect and demand your compensation.  In hope this issue will be cleaned up in short time otherwise the best soccer manager is to be closed. What a pity.

What do you think?

Greetings from torcanmon


Here is one of the biggest cheater in game Team Value: 3,750.000.000 in level 2, notice the starting day.

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